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Having filled in this questionnaire in an electronic or paper look and having transferred it in any way to JSC Evromarin Kryu Management, the questionnaire feeder thereby gives the consent, according to the Law of Ukraine "About protection of personal information" of 01.06.10 No. 2297-VI, on inclusion of the personal information in the Sailor database of JSC Evromarin Kryu Management in the form of a card file and/or the automated information system, and also on their processing (collecting, registration, accumulation, termless storage, change, a depersonalization, destruction, updating, use, distribution, realization, transfer in full or partially to managers or the third parties) without additional written notice of it in the address, for the purpose of rendering by the company intermediary services in the employment in courts of foreign shipowners, irrespective of the country of their location.

I am in writing notified on inclusion of my personal information in the Sailor database of JSC Evromarin Kryu Management, on its location and the purposes of data collection, on persons to whom my personal information and about my rights in this regard will be transferred.

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